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All of our Nuc's consist of at least 3 frames of brood at various stages, 2 frames with pollen/honey for food stores, and a marked queen. Nuc Box is included! All Nuc's will be inspected by MDAR prior to customer pickup. They will be available mid to late May 2024, depending on weather.


Overwintered Nucs: Our 5-Frame Overwintered Nucleus Colonies are raised locally in Charlton, Massachusetts. Only our strongest, overwintered queens are used for these colonies.


Spring Nucs: Our 5-Frame Spring Nucleus Colonies will be established using a combination of brood frames from overwintered colonies, and fresh, new frames. The queen will be newly mated, and ready to go!


All Nuc's have a 2 week queen guarantee, and all brood in the nucleus colonies are from the queen in the colony. Pick up in Charlton, MA only. No shipping available.

5 - Frame Nucleus Colony (NUC)

PriceFrom $230.00
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