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Like many businesses, our apiary started out as a small hobby, starting with Worcester County Beekeeping Associations Bee School and one 3lb package. Our goal at the time was to add something new to our homestead. We had a veggie garden, and egg-laying chickens, so bees were next!

While the garden and number of chickens has stayed fairly consistent, catching swarms and splitting colonies has helped us grow to nearly 85 honeybee colonies throughout Worcester County, MA.

In 2019, Scott decided to finally turn his hobby into a business. He started Charlton Bee Company, selling 3lb packages, overwintered nucs, locally raised queens, and of course, honey!

Owner of Charlton Bee Company, Master Beekeeper Scott Herbert, has been dedicated to learning all he can about honeybees. He has taken queen rearing classes, and completed Cornell’s master Beekeeping certificate program. He is VERY excited to be chosen to participate in the Penn State Northeast SARE funded EPIQ (Education, Production, and Insemination of Queens) Program through 2023.

Scott now teaches 2 sessions of the same WCBA Bee School he attended when he started out, and is also on the WCBA Board of Directors. He loves to talk about honeybees to anyone that will listen, and has done numerous talks at local libraries and Grange’s. If you would like to schedule a bee talk, email for more information.

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