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Spring 2024 Packages and Nucs Available for Preorder

Welcome to Charlton Bee Company

Focusing on happy, healthy bees and honeybee education

We are a small business focused on all things honeybees!


Our Beekeeping Operation

We own and manage several colonies throughout Central and Western Massachusetts.


When we know our hives are well established and have enough food for themselves, we harvest the excess honey.  We also capture beeswax, which is a biproduct of harvesting honey (those bees are so smart -- they use wax to seal off the honey just as the moisture level drops down to the right spot!). We leave as much of the remaining honeycomb intact as possible, so the bees can get right back to work on their food and not need to waste significant energy rebuilding comb! 

We have honey, beeswax, and other products that the community can enjoy! We sell honey that is harvested from our own hives, and each of our handmade products uses resources from our own hives. We also supply various other honey varieties sourced from other bee yards, both near and far, large and small. And, we sell various other products -- all to celebrate the world of honeybees!


We are committed to contributing to the beekeeping community through mentoring new beekeepers and providing consultations to experienced beekeepers.

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